Advanced Course

This package is best suited for advanced beginners which have a basic theoretical understanding and might even have bought some BTC already which they keep on these websites. The focus here will be the creation and the management of own wallets and its security.

We also start with the theory about blockchain applications without going too much into technical detail. What is a blockchain, how does it function, why is it relevant. What are blocks at all, how long is the block time and how big are these blocks… We’ll talk about the history and the creation of bitcoin, the community with all the different players (miner, twitter influencer, wallet provider…). We’ll also provide information about Ethereum.

Together we will look at different platforms and install software to manage bitcoin and Co. Private keys and seeds are backed and transactions executed.

For preparations you’ll be asked to register on a platform as and make a bank transfer to your own coinbase account. In the old system, the bank transfer is the bottle neck and does take its time. As soon as the money is in your coinbase account, practical experience can be gained as coins and tokens can be transferred and traded in minutes, sometimes seconds. I addition you’ll receive a list of platforms and wallets etc. where some optional registration is possible. Simple cryptocurrency trades are performed and the major currencies are reviewed.


Please schedule around 3-4 hrs for this training.