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  • (together with Fidor) – Bitcoin. de is a marketplace where participants can buy & sell BTC, ETH, BCH. Fidor is a german bank & therefore it has a deposit insurance of 100.000 € by law. Really good solution for connecting the legacy system with crypto
  • Bitstamp – Exchange from London,UK. Low fees, good exchange. The verification process is very untransparent, which can take from a few days to a few months
  • Kraken – Exchange from San Francisco, USA. Good and reliable exchange which also connects to
  • (Coinbase) – until the end 2017 it was the most popular exchange, at times their app was the most popular one in the apple app store. Technical difficulties and high fees let them sink in the ranking
  • New interesting models are coming up with waves (decentralized exchange) and Ardor (in combination with and their variation of a coin, pegged to the Euro. In difference to Tether, it is audited)


  • Binance – Exchange from Hongkong; only 7months old, but became the no 1 in the space with up to 40.000 tps. Withdrawal fees are high, transaction fees rather low, esp. when you pay with the BNB token
  • Bittrex – Exchange from NewYork, USA; very popular exchange. Not as beautiful as binance, but with high liquidity and much lower withdrawal fees
  • Poloniex – Exchange out of the USA; until mid 2017, this exchange was most popular. Had scaling issuses for a long time and asks too much from new coins to be listed; still in the top3
  • Bitfinex – Exchange from Hongkong and brit. virgin islands; good, big and reliable exchange. Under fire for some time for their pegged to the dollar coin, Tether.

New or small exchanges:

  • Cryptopia – Exchange from NZ, which is specialised in Coins and Tokens with small market caps
  • Liqui – little exchange from the Ukraine; it also tries to catch their shares with the small market cap coins
  • Coss – new exchange from Romania; still in beta and is still trying to iron out small bugs here and there; website a little slow
  • Cobinhood – new exchange from Taiwan; their marketing is calling 0% transaction fees; withdrawal fees as high as binance

Hardware wallets (cold):

  • Ledger Nano S und Ledger Nano Blue – THE standard for security and hardware wallets
  • Trezor – same security level as Ledger, doesn’t support as many coins though
  • Keepkey – a newer player, company was bought in late 2017 by shapeshift

Multicoin wallets (hot) for the desktop:

  • Exodus – undisputed, the no 1, esp because of the user interface
  • Jaxx – nearly the same level as exodus, additionally a mobile version available – very good wallet, long time player
  • Eden – second wallet of the exodus team; only for experienced users recommended, as there is no support. However, more coins and tokens supported

Ethereum wallets and clients (for ERC20 tokens):

  • Mist – official Ethereum wallet
  • Parity – very popular client, which was founded by Gavin Wood (co-founder of Ethereum). Had quite some difficulties with their multi signature version
  • Myetherwallet – THE wallet, mainly used for ICOs and works very well in combination with the ledger wallets, esp. for managing ETH tokens
  • Mycrypto – A fork of MEW. Besides one of the co-founders, the entire team from MEW migrated to mycrypto, as they are planning big scaling solutions

Listing of “all” coins and tokens sorted by market cap

  • – the main website to find coins and tokens and follow their trend. Most websites are using their data


  • Shapeshift – the no 1 for token-token transactions. Integrated in many wallets as Exodus, Jaxx, Parity…, for ease of use
  • Changelly – similar service than shapeshift. integrated eg in the NEM wallet or the Stratis app

Blockexplorer – for tracing and checking of transactions or wallets:

For transaction fee calculation: