Seminars & Information evenings

This package is best suited for intermediates who already manage their coins and tokens in multicoin wallets (exodus or jaxx) and trade them via the shapeshift funktion, but do not have any experience with exchanges (binance or bittrex). The focus here lies on security, the managing and trading of smaller coins and tokens, the creation of specific wallets and clients. You might want to get a glimpse of how to manage your tokens on an external HDD, cryptographically secured with a separate Linux OS. We developed this HDD and it can be ordered.


We’ll start with the more detailed theory about blockchain applications. How is consensus achieved, the differences about POW and POS, what are forks and the differences about full clients, light clients and web clients.

For preparations you’ll receive a list of platforms and wallets etc. where some optional registration is possible. Simple cryptocurrency trades are performed and the major currencies are reviewed.

Here, we focus on the smaller coins and tokens, which are less known and therefore might not be traded on the bigger exchanges. Multicoin wallets might not give you the option to store these smaller coins and the management needs more work. There’s the possibility to talk about ICOs and guide is provided how to select legit projects.


Please schedule around 3-4 hrs for this training.